Welcome to my Linux Quake Server Pages

These pages include some useful info for running Quakeworld and Quake2 and now quake3 linux servers. Useful feedback and info I can add would be appreciated. I only created this site because very little info for running Linux Quake servers is available and it is really the only _real_ way to do it. :P

Note: Some of this info will be outdated. I recommend using the bash shell unless you know what you're doing and always use sh (or bash) for shell scripts for simplicity and compatibility.

Quake3 example scripts

Command line examples

Server.cfg examples

Automate rebooting of servers with crontab



Quake2 Server FAQ at BluesNews.com -- Or the original site of the Q2 Servers FAQ

Some basic Quake2 server info at Quake Bible site -- perhaps useful for those wanting to setup a LAN for the first time.