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Appropriately housed in the American Literature Association, The African American Literature and Culture Society (AALCS) is committed to expanding the study and appreciation of the depth and breadth of the African American Literary Tradition. It seeks to validate as well the larger cultural context of this body of material. It encourages the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in this venture.

AALCS Members attend and present papers at the annual conferences of the American Literature Association, produce an annual newsletter, maintain a website ( with important bibliographic material and informative/critical essays. AALCS sponsors bi-annual symposia on African American literature. Future plans include a bi-annual journal of articles presented by members during annual conferences.

The AALCS will host "Looking Back with Pleasure II: A Celebration," October 25-29, 2000, in Salt Lake City Utah, to celebrate 100 years of African American of contributions in literature and culture.

Membership: Regular $25.00 Student: $15.00

Send Checks to the Secretary Treasurer:

Dr. Warren J. Carson
Department of English Literature
University of South Carolina at Spartanburg
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29303

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